Vacant Property Inspections

Safeguard your vacant properties with our expert vacant property inspections. 

Having a property vacant for a prolonged period of time leaves it vulnerable to potential crime and deterioration.  Our vacant property inspections can identify and report issues such as broken windows, electrical problems, water leaks, or structural damage at the earliest possible stage.  Timely detection allows you to address these issues promptly, preventing them from becoming major, costly repairs.

Our trained and uniformed Mobile Security Officers will attend your premises using liveried vehicles, at an agreed frequency.  We can undertake a range of services depending on your specific requirement and report on our findings. Whether you need daily, weekly or monthly checks, we are able to design a plan that suits your requirements. 

Our vacant property inspections can help protect your investment, minimize risks, and ensure that your property remains in good condition during periods of vacancy.  It’s a proactive approach to property management that can save you time, money and stress in the long run.

Vacant Property

Our uniformed officers and liveried vehicles provide a visual deterrent to trespassers, squatters and vandals. Our regular checks ensure that the property remains secure, reducing the risk of unauthorised entry and potential damage.


We can deter criminals and take action if suspicious activity is detected, minimizing the risk of theft, damage and loss of property value.


Our regular inspections can identify fire hazards and safety concerns, such as faulty wiring or potential health risks. Addressing these issues promptly can help prevent accidents and injuries.


Many insurance policies require regular property checks to remain valid. We can help you to comply with your insurance policy’s requirements and regulations.


Knowing that your vacant property is being monitored and checked regularly by professionals can provide you with peace of mind. You will not have to worry about the property’s condition or security when it is unoccupied.