Protect Your Site with Canine Security Services

Our highly trained canine teams can be deployed as an effective high-profile deterrent against trespassing, theft and criminal damage.

Our security dogs are trained to tackle many types of security situations, supporting our officers as they carry out their duties. Deploying our specially trained security dogs alongside our SIA-licensed Security Officers can also cut down on the man power required to protect your premises. 

Our Security Dog Handlers are qualified to NASDU (The National Association of Security Dog Users) standards, a regulatory body for security dogs recognised by the SIA (Security Industry Authority). 

image of a canine security

Benefits of having Canine Security

Enhanced Deterrence:

The Prescence of a Chamberlains Security Officer and trained security dog can be a highly intimidating visual and audible deterrent to potential intruders to your site.

Rapid response to threats:

Our trained security dogs can react quickly to potential threats, enabling a faster response time than a security officer alone. This can be crucial in preventing or mitigating security incidents.

Heightened Sensory Abilities:

 Our Security Dogs have an exceptional sense of smell and hearing, making them effective at detecting intruders or suspicious activities, including hidden or concealed threats such as drugs or explosives. 


Our trained Security Dogs are able to adapt to different situations.  They can be used in various security scenarios, from patrolling large outdoor areas to conducting searches in confined spaces or vehicles.

Reduced Service Costs:

Combining a trained security dog with one of our SIA-licenced dog handlers can be more cost-effective than employing additional security officers, as our dogs can cover larger areas and work in challenging conditions.

Enhanced Employee Safety:

Having a security dog on your site can provide an added layer of protection for employees, especially in situations where they may be vulnerable to security threats.